Conscious Dance Workshops

Dancing Freedom - Conscious Dance


Dancing Freedom is a conscious dance practice, a moving meditation practice with the intention of aligning life with love and awareness - living consciously! A free-form dance practice that blends the medicine of dance with the medicine of ceremony and co-creation. Dancing freedom takes you on a guided dance journey through an elemental wave of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether - deepening your connection to life and living.

In the dance you are invited to explore an authentic way of moving - a creative expression of your unique being. There is only one rule in Dancing Freedom - you can't do it wrong! In the process of dance we can become a free flow of energy, moving into oneness, beyond the mind, personality and ego, where there is an opportunity to awaken the spirit.


Dancing Freedom is a practice of liberation.  It is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice supporting the emergence of living oneness.  It is fun, easy, elegant and empowering.  It heals.  It reveals.  It welcomes.  Any person of any age, size, color or creed can do it. 

Conscious dance can provide an opportunity to release physical tension and pain, to unwind energy which may be trapped in the body, to express held emotions or sounds, to play like a child, to connect with others on the dance floor, to have FUN and to remember that you LOVE to dance!

Full Moon Dances


Upcoming Dancing Freedom:

19th Sept, 21st Oct, 19th Nov & 19th Dec

Outdoors around the fire on
Private Property in Avoca



Cost:  $25 Trybooking only

Family Dancing


Saturday Evenings:

10th July & 2nd October


Upstairs Supper Room

Mittagong Playhouse

114-116 Main Street Mittagong




Cost:  $15 Adults

$10 Children/Teenagers

$40 per Family 


Embodied Dance Journey


5 Week Women's Workshop


Outdoors around the fire on

Private Property in Avoca

5 Consecutive Mondays from 18th October 6.30-8.30pm

Cost:  $175 Pre-booking essential

Retreats, Festivals & Private Groups

Sara-Jane runs Dancing Freedom workshops at retreats and festivals around Australia.

For more information about bookings please

E:  M: 0434 962 462

Sara-Jane Cleland -

Dancing Freedom Facilitator

In 2016, Sara-Jane discovered 5 rhythms dance practice on retreat with Gina Chick and  became a passionate advocate for conscious dance. She organized workshops in the Southern Highlands throughout 2018 with Sydney dance facilitators - Caitlin Wood (Dancing Freedom), Michelle Mahrer (5 Rhythms) and Sue Andersen (5 Rhythms). At the end of 2018 she journeyed to the Byron Bay hinterland for intensive facilitator training in Dancing Freedom.


In 2019 she offered monthly Dancing freedom events in the highlands and in 2020 fortnightly dancing freedom events in person and on Zoom. Now in 2021, she continues to offer to monthly dancing whilst venturing into women's workshops and family dances.  Her driving force for her work is connection.  Connection through dancing in community, co-creating and supporting each other - being seen for your authentic self. And providing an opportunity for connection to oneself, your loving whole being, so so worthy of self-love and creative expression.