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Consultation Fees

Consultation Fees:

Initial Consult: 

$140 (60 mins)

$100 Children (under 13yrs)

Follow up Consult:

Standard $90 (40 mins)
Short $70 (30 mins)

Acute Consult:

$50 (20 mins)

 Massage Fees:

Relaxation Massage: 

$140 (90 mins)

Ka Huna Massage:

$140 (90mins)

Hot Stones Massage:

$140 (90mins)

AromaTouch Essential Oil Massage:

$110 (60 mins)

Craniosacral Therapy:

$110 (60 mins)


Lymphatic Massage:

$110 (60 mins)

Energy Therapy:

$110 (60 mins)

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for family and friends - the gift of Health, Wellness & Vitality.


Gift Certificates are available for Naturopathy Consultations and Massage Therapy.

What to expect in consultation?


The initial consultation is a process of obtaining a health history by discussing your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental factors. Past blood tests and medical tests are analyzed and further testing may be recommended. 


The emphasis of the initial consult is to ascertain the main health issues and provide the most effective natural treatments.


The standard follow-up consultations are used to monitor the progress of the treatment and examine underlying causes and contributing factors of the health issues. The diet is discussed and resourced with an EATING for Health manual containing meal planner and recipes.


Once your treatment program is established short follow-up consults are used as we continue to work together to improve your health and vitality.

Remedial Massage
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