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Fatigue & Stress

"I initially contacted Sara-Jane as I was experiencing significant health problems and was frustrated by the lack of options that conventional medicine offered me. I was instantly impressed with Sara-Jane's systematic, professional and compassionate approach and have since learned that she has earned an excellent reputation within the community.


Literally within weeks, my energy levels and state of mind have improved, and many of my more frightening symptoms have completely gone. Considering that several doctors and specialists had told me I would just have to 'live with' these symptoms, I can honestly say that I credit Sara-Jane with giving me my life back and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health."


Ashley, Teacher, Mittagong

"Before coming to Sara-Jane I was suffering stress and severe digestive problems that my GP could not diagnose.


After visiting Sara-Jane regularly over the past few months, she has changed my life completely. The liquid herbs have made me feel healthier, more energetic and less anxious and stress. I have not been this healthy in a long time!"


Jessica, Beauty Therapist, Bowral

"I have been struggling with health issues for years and Sara-Jane is the first to actually listen to me and I'm feeling better than ever under her care. Highly recommended."


Miranda, Mother, Penrose

Weight Loss

"When I decided to get healthy, I was looking for a Naturopath who focused on food as medicine, and someone who I felt comfortable with and would work WITH me, rather than dictate. Happily, I found Sara.


From seeing her over the past few months I have easily lost almost 10kg and counting, managed my depression, regained my ability to concentrate and think clearly, increased my energy, and feel amazing. She is incredibly supportive, will discuss with you rather than talk at you, and gets as excited about your success as you do. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal themselves through nutrition."


Sarah, Sales Rep, Picton

"Often on our weight loss journey, we try many different diets, that all work for a while, then we go back to our old habits. For me, I came to the point that I did not want to go back on the roller coaster of yet another program.


Coming to see Sara-Jane, was so helpful, as she understood, its a life long change, and I began to understand the importance of dealing with the emotional hurdles that we all face and not to use food as the antidote."


Diane, Carer, Goulburn

"I am a 53yr old female who hated my middle-aged spread never thinking I would be less than a size 14 . I now fit size 12 jeans and have lost a total of 20inches! Thanks Sara-Jane!"


Margaret, Ward Manager, Bowral

Skin conditions

"I first came to see Sara-Jane with a skin allergy. During the course of her treatment my skin has improved, she looked for the cause of the problem as well as improving symptoms, giving me the feeling of a new skin.


During this treatment she has broadened my knowledge of good wholesome foods, introduced healthy, simple, delicious recipes which have improved my everyday health and energy levels. Thank-you Sara-Jane."


Gabrielle, Retired, Alpine

"I have just completed the 3 week Detox program and I'm feeling really good! My energy levels have increased; I have lost that tired and sluggish feeling. I feel lighter and healthier and my skin is clear and radiant.

I love having the fresh vegie juice each day - beetroot, pineapple, carrot, celery and ginger is now my go to pick me up. I can happily say that I have even dropped a couple of kilos which is an added bonus. Thanks Sara-Jane!"


Ann-Marie, Customer Service, Mittagong


Digestion Issues

"Since coming to see Sara-Jane my body has changed and so has my attitude. I had a very bloated stomach and a liver problem that was causing fluid retention.


I'm now exercising and have become more conscious of what I am eating! I have really benefited from regular consults, having Sara-Jane check up on me - like have a personal trainer for my health!"

Annie, B & B Operator, Burradoo

"I had a long term problem of a sensitive stomach, so after years of failed medicines from my GP I had the good fortune of meeting Sara-Jane. Now I have a happier stomach and can eat all the good things mother earth offers."


Anne, Cleaner, Wollongong

Pregnancy & Children

"Sara was my saviour, she was my last resort and a success. My son had croup from aged 1 and he was hospitalised throughout his condition. Doctors advised me he would grow out of it and in the meantime give him steroids. How could I keep giving this child a drug with it's many side effects.


A friend told me to see a Naturopath and get advice. The day I took my son to Sara I haven't looked back. Sara is very valuable to our family, I would recommend her to anyone."


Helen, Kineseologist, Bowral

"Sara-Jane, I would like to express my gratitude for all your guidance, excellent care & knowledge given throughout pre conception, pregnancy & the post natal period. I felt confident & loved looking after myself & baby with wholesome foods, nutritional supplements & herbs. Thank you!"


Shauna, Mother, Balmoral

Massage Therapy

"Since taking time out for a regular massage, I am sleeping better and am generally more productive. With a large family and work committments it is hard to put yourself first sometimes but the benefits are amazing! Thank-you Sara-Jane!"


Karyn, Receptionist, Bowral

"A couple of months ago I suffered an allergic reaction and was put on large amounts of prescription medicaitons. Since coming to Sara-Jane her expertise in Lymphatic Massage and attention to my diet has help me enormously and has given me back my sense of well-being. I would highly recommend her treatments to everyone!"

Jo, Medial Receptionist, Bowral

"'I went to Sara-Jane for a relaxation, pregnancy massage. She was thorough, knowledgeable and gave advice on other related concerns I had, as well as giving the best massage I have had. I will definitely be rebooking with Sara-Jane. I couldn't recommend her enough."


Erin, Mother, Bowral

"I have been a client of Sara-Jane for about 8 years now... she is the woman with magic hands! Her massage ability is the best I have experienced in over 20 years using a wide range of therapists."


Ian, Manager, Exeter

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