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The Naturopath's Cooking School

Sara-Jane Cleland Food Educator created Naturopathic Cooking School
The Naturopath's Cooking School


These cooking schools have been created to inspire change to a healthy balanced way of eating. Information and ideas have been sourced from different diets including the Paleo diet, a Wholefood diet, a Raw food diet and a Pescatarian diet. The recipes reflect these ideas and are therefore vegetarian with some fish and chicken, gluten free, low grain, sugar free and dairy free except for yoghurt and kefir.


Sara-Jane is a highly qualified and experienced Naturopath with a deep understanding of food as medicine and evidence-based nutrition. Sara-Jane often clears up misconceptions and educates on what constitutes healthy food and a healthy diet. The cooking schools are inspirational, offering both theory and practice. You will receive a recipe booklet and many preparation ideas, in a fun social setting with the experience of eating delicious organic food.

Pan fried Barramundi Fish
 2023 Timetable

Quick & Easy Wholefoods  Saturday 25th February 10am-1pm

Superfoods, Herbs & Spices Saturday 29th April 10am-1pm

Broths & Ferments  

Saturday 24th June 10am-1pm

Paleo for Weight Loss

Saturday 2nd September 10am-1pm

Quick & Easy Wholefoods  Saturday 11th November 10am-1pm


​​Boutique cooking school with small groups of 4-6 people.

Cost includes sharing a two-course Lunch with a take-away treat. All food is 100% certified organic food, sourced locally where possible.


Cost: $175 per person

Venue:  18 Lyell Street Mittagong

Private Workshops


​Private cooking schools can be booked with family and friends in your own home  with a minimum of 4 participants. Please contact to discuss dates, workshop theme and venue.

Workshop Themes


Quick & Easy Wholefoods for Busy souls

Perfect for busy people and families, with lots of handy tips on how to save time in the kitchen without compromising on quality and health.

Recipes include Fast-fried Fish with home-made Tartar sauce, Grated rainbow salad with Balsamic Lime dressing and sprouts, Raw chocolate mousse, Green Smoothie, Raw Apple muesli, Roast vegetable and quinoa salad with mustard garlic yoghurt dressing and home-made Toasted Muesli.

Paleo for Weight Loss and Auto-immune Disease

Expanding on Sara-Jane's successful weight loss program this workshop shows the practical side of how to shift abdominal fat and get back to your natural shape.

Recipes include Baked Mediterranean fish parcels, Mixed salad with Lemon cashew dressing, Moroccan carrot salad, Chia seed puddings, Raw cocoa balls, Kale chips and Sweet Potato, mushroom & sun-dried tomato breakfast muffins.

Superfoods, Herbs & Spices for Longevity and Well-being

As a herbalist Sara-Jane is passionate about using Superfoods, herbs and spices in your cooking so food truly becomes your medicine.

Recipes include Asian style baked fish, Garlic & herb stuffed mushrooms, Coriander and chili dip, Broccoli and Kale salad with Golden turmeric dressing, Apple and Cinnamon tart and home-made Peppermint chocolate.

Broths & Ferments for Digestion and Gut Healing

Improve your digestion, feed your gut Microbiota and heal your gut with broths, gelatin treats and fermented foods.


Recipes include Miso Chicken Broth Soup, Roasted Dijon Maple Chicken Drumsticks with Cauliflower Rice, Coleslaw Salad with Chili lime dressing, Raspberry Gummies, Coconut Panna Cotta, Blueberry & Mint Kombucha and Fermented Carrot sticks.

Cooking School preparing a healthy salad
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