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Grilled Steak with Green Beans and Avocado sauce

A simple Paleo dish which can be served with coleslaw or steamed vegetables or sweet potato wedges.... Next weekend I am running Paleo for Weight Loss Cooking School so I thought I would feature a meat recipe. I only eat a small amount of red meat but when I crave some red meat I can't go past organic rump steak grilled on the pan with grilled onions and often mushrooms...


Organic rump steak

Green beans

Onion, diced

Olive oil


Lemon juice

Chopped coriander or parsley

Salt & Pepper


Season steak with salt & pepper, heat olive oil in a frying pan, searing steak and cooking to your liking. Remove the steak to rest. Then add onion to pan and cook until caramelized. Lightly steam green beans and blend avocado with lemon juice and olive oil, then add chopped coriander or parsley. Serve steak with green beans and avocado sauce, topped with the grilled onion.

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