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Green Smoothie

In summer the perfect way to start the day is with a green smoothie - so simple but so effective to support the body in cleansing and detoxifying upon rising. You will be pleasantly surprised how good it can taste and how much more energy you feel through the day!


1 Nectarine, Mango, Pear or Kiwifruit

1 frozen banana

1/2 cucumber

Handful of parsley

1 x stalk of kale or spinach without stem

1/2 lemon or 1 lime (skin removed)

1 tsp bare greens powder (I use bare blends)

ice and splash of water


Blend all together - serves 2-3 people and you can use any combo of fruit and veg - get creative! Just remember berries and greens make brown which may not look appealing but still tastes great!

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